How to upload your story to PNewsP?

  1. Start by clicking "Report a news story" button in your blog page. You can report a hard news, a feature story or a photojournalism story by using this form. Hard news is essentially the news of the day. So it is vital to report a hard news immediately because seconds are our enemy! By contrast, there's no compelling reason why a feature story has to be published on any particular day. A feature story is a human-interest story involving a prominent person or a group of people. A hard news or a feature story must include at least one photo to prove your story. But a photojournalism story must include at least five photos.

  2. First you need to write a headline or a title. The Title is always required. Keep it less than 60 characters. Writing a good story title is central to capture an attention. If your title doesn't match the story people wouldn't able to find it. Don't write the title only in capitals, because it is "RUDE"!

  3. The first paragraph is a short media summary of your story. The first paragraph is always required. Keep the first paragraph less than 175 characters. It is the most important part of your article, because it will be seen in all of the pages where your story links are and by reading the first paragraph people decide to click on your story or not! The summary means to highlight the most important facts; what happened, when, where, why and who is involved. Don't forget to include country, city and date!

  4. If you report a photojournalism story, writing a short story in "story field" with 50-200 word is optional. But if you report a hard news or a feature story, 200-600 word story with at least one photo is always required. Also editorial team advice you to use of spelling and grammar checking software like Microsoft word. Keep the body of story less than 500 words/3000 characters.

  5. Now you can upload your photos. The max upload size per story is 50MB. You can only upload JPEG and PNG formatted images to our service. You can convert other file formats quite easily through any number of tools. So you need to edit your photojournalism story before uploading.

  6. At the end of the form you see the checkbox. If your story is not complete or for any reason, you want to publish your story just onto your news blog, you don't need to tick this box. Later you can come back to edit your story and send it to editorial team by ticking this box. But later you are not able to add new photos to the story!

  7. You can control all of the content and information you post on your blog, but once you send a story to the editorial team and editorial team accept your news story for publishing on main page, you can't control or edit that story any more. Also when you send a story to the editorial team, you give them right to edit your story. Edition in PNewsP means that the editor can correct spelling and grammar of the text, but they have no right to change meaning of any part of your story.

  8. Remember that your blog is just for news stories and you are not allowed to post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence. You are not allowed to use PNewsP to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory. We hope you enjoy the PNewsP experience - and remember, if you encounter a problem or have a suggestion, we're always ready to listen.

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