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Nangarhar in Photos

Nangarhar province is located in east of Afghanistan. Its name comes with Hameshabahar (always spring), because it is always green. 24.Nov.2017, By Hatimi
You can find Nangarhar city, Sorobe, Daronta, culture, people, shrine, parks, the university, foods, and more in these photos.

3 weeks ago

Balkh in Photos

Balkh is located in the north of Afghanistan, which is famous for religious and historical places and culture. 6 November 2017, Balkh
In these photos you can find Rawza Sharif, Balkh district, Amo River, Hairatan, and the city of Mazar e Sharif.

5 weeks ago

Bamyan in photos

Bamyan, one of the central provinces of Afghanistan named as Islamic Cultural Capital in 2013, which gives amazing natural places for for tourists and visitors. 27.10.2017
In these photos you can find people, culture, Bamyan center, the Dragon Village, Band Amir, and Budda

2 months ago

The First Women Handicrafts Exhibition in Jaghori

Jaghori district which is located in Ghazni province hosted the first women handicrafts exhibition with cooperation of CSOs. Photos by Mr. Barakatullah Rawnaq, 07/09/2017.

3 months ago

Aino Meena in photos

Aino Meena is located in Kandahar province, which is established recently for high class living style. Photos by Mr. Hamidi, 26.08.17, Aino Meena, Kandahar

4 months ago

Improving of private educations in provinces

The private educations in provinces of Afghanistan are improving day by day, as Aryana private university in Jalalabad held Kankor examination by today date 21.08.17

4 months ago

President Ghani meet Herat at Afghanistan Independence Day

HE president Ghani met Herat province and celebrated Independence Day with Afghanistan National Army. 19.08.17, Photos by Herat Reporters, Herat, Afghanistan

4 months ago

Celebration of Afghanistan Independence Day in Kunduz

The people of Kunduz province celebrates 98th Anniversary of Afghanistan Independence Day. 19.08.17, Photos by Mr. Hedayatullah Zairmal , Kunduz, Afghanistan

4 months ago

Celebration of Afghanistan Independence Day in Khost

The people of Khost province celebrates 98th Anniversary of Afghanistan Independence Day. 19.08.17, Photos by Mr. Sheraz Saqeb, Khost, Afghanistan

4 months ago

Celebration of Independence Day in Kandahar

The people of Kandahar province celebrates 98th Anniversary of Afghanistan Independence Day. 19.08.17, Photos by Mr. Hamidi, Lashkargah, Afghanistan

4 months ago

Celebration of Afghanistan Independence Day in Parwan

The Provincial governer office of Parwan province celebrates 98th Anniversary of Afghanistan Independence Day. 19.08.17, Photos by Mr. Ashiq Behroz , Parwan, Afghanistan

4 months ago

Celebration of Afghanistan Independence Day in Nangarhar

The people of Nangarhar celebrate 98th Anniversary of Afghanistan Independence Day. 19.08.17, Photos by Mr. Najibullah Malgary, Jalabad, Afghanistan

4 months ago

Celebration of Afghanistan Independence Day in Mazar Sharif

The people of Mazar Sharif celebrate 98th Anniversary of Afghanistan Independence Day. 19.08.17, Photos by Mr. Khaliq Azizi, Mazar, Afghanistan

4 months ago

Celebration of Afghanistan Independence Day in Nangarhar

The people of Nangarhar celebrate 98th Anniversary of Afghanistan Independence Day. 19.08.17, Photos by Mr. Yousaf Khan Zadran, Jalabad, Afghanistan

4 months ago

Dambora Festival in Bamyan

Bamyan, one of Afghanistan central provinces has hosted Dambora Festival 2017 with a large number of participants. Photos taken by: Mr. Jalil Salehi

5 months ago

Happy Eid!

Kabul citizens preparing for Eid celebrations. We wish a happy and peaceful Eid days. 25 June 2017, Kabul.

6 months ago

Demonstration in Kabul

Demonstrators started raising their voice with the slogan of 'Tired of killing toward Arg' in Kabul Capital of Afghanistan. 02.06.17
This demonstration started after martyre of a large number of Kabul citizens in bomb blast occurred two days ago in Wazirakbar Khan area.    

7 months ago


Palermo is the capital of the Italian island of Sicily, and it is famous for its historical and ancient places.

8 months ago

Welcome to the village of brands!

Sicilia Outlet Village is a famous place for well dressed people and tourists which is located in Sicily of Italy. 15 April 2017
Find more here:

8 months ago

Berlin in photos

Berlin is the capital and the largest city of Germany which is a quite amazing place to visit. 24 Mar 2017, Berlin, Germany

9 months ago

Happy Nowruz from Munster

Kurds and Turks who are living in Munster have celebrated Nowruz. Date: 21.03.17, Munster, Germany

9 months ago

Free Deniz

Protest to free Deniz a journalist working for German newspaper and arrested in Turkey. 10.03.17, Munster, Germany
Turkish authorities have arrested a reporter for a prominent German newspaper on charges of propaganda in support of a terrorist organization and inciting the public to violence, according to a court witness. Read more here: 

9 months ago

Amsterdam in Photos

Amsterdam is the capital and most populous municipality of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which has more tourists for its nice places. 05.03.2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

10 months ago

Workshop on Citizen Journalism

The Workshop addressed topics such as introduction, Advantage & Disadvantage and sources for Citizen Journalism. Date 03.03.17

10 months ago
Elias Hatimi Venue: Munster, Germany
10 months ago

Karnival Celebrations in Munster

Germans celebrated A variety of customs and traditions and a religious festival called Karnival to welcome the spring season by giving chocolates. 27Feb 2017, Munster Germany

10 months ago

ifa held CrossCulture Workshop

The Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa) held a two days CrossCulture Workshop for CCP holders at Stuttgart, Germany. Dated 16-17 Feb, 2017
The workshop mainly focused on issues such as similarities and differences; managing expectations; the conflict dilemma approach; steps to maximize freedom, and presenting of the home and host organizations by each fellows. The CrossCulture Workshop ended with giving information about ifa and its other activities and opportunities by the organization team.

10 months ago

One Billion Rising| OBR

Afghan Women's Network held One Billion Rising for the Elimination of Violence against Women in Kabul, 13 Feb 2017

10 months ago

Introducing Mr. Toryalai Amiri Young Leader from Nangarhar

Mr. Amiri is well known for his leadership, administration and communication skills for university students in Nangarhar province and other youths.
Toryalai Amiri, 30; Nangarhar, Afghanistan; Mr. Amiri has more than 10 years of experience with nonprofit sectors in the fields of leadership, finance, management & administration, and he has earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Aryana University.  In addition, He has also received Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) from Lemar Degree College of Management Science.  While started working as Vice Chancellor of Finance and Admin with Aryana University Nangarhar, he helped the university to implement its activities based on educational principles and norms. Besides, Mr. Amiri is a young leader and active youth seeks paths to bring youth for unity and tries more to encourage them for education. He also tries to share community needs and recommendations for the government through his social networks. He is interested in social media, communications and developing network of professionals. In addition, he has experiences of leadership, civic engagements, human rights public relations, and youth development issues.

10 months ago

Who is Sadia Bromand

Sadia Bromand Afghanistan Athletic Captain, Basketballer, National Youth Team Trainer, Journalist, Poet, and Author
Championship of 2014 at a distance of two hundred meters run; Achievements of Basketball from Shardari and Sangar teams; Participation in South Asian Tournament and run 100 meters in 14:20; Participation in International Athletic Games in Kazakhstan; Participation as the first Afghan Female Coach at Rio 2016; Praised by His Excellency the President Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani after South Asian Tournaments and by His Excellency the Executive Director Mr. Abdullah Abdullah after Rio 2016; Post member of Journalist Protection Committee and anchor of Josh Radio; and Her first poetry collection published in 2015

11 months ago

Unemployment, Corruption and Insecurity in Afghanistan

تاثیر بیکاری بر افزایش فساد اداری و ناامنی در افغانستان، نویسنده: سید خیبر نظامی
بیکاری یکی از واژه های پر کاربردی است که در افغانستان وجود دارد، امروز سعی می کنیم تا تعریف بهتری از بیکاری را بیان کرده و عوارض‌ و پیامد های فردی و اجتماعی آن را بر کشور واضح سازیم. «بیکاری» وضعیتی است که در آن گروهی از اجتماع دارای قدرت لازم کار، تحصیلات و مهارت ها می باشند ولی با تمام این ویژه گی ها برای انان کار داده نمی شود. و بنا بر تعریف دفتر بین‌المللی کار، تمام افرادی که در یک روز معین در جستجوی کار اند اما با وجود داشتن توان برای انجام کار موفق به کسب کار نمی‌شوند، آن وضعیت را واژهِ بیکاری می نامند. بیکاری عوارض و پیامدهای منفی زیاد از نظر فردی و هم از نظر خانوادگی و اجتماعی در پی دارد؛ اما اینجا از کم‌ترین آن یاد می نمایم: برای بیشتر...

12 months ago

On last day of 2016 PnewsP introduced for Afghan Youths

Citizen Journalism and Prime News Page Introduced for Actice Afghan Youths. 31 Dec 2016, Kabul

12 months ago

Introduce with one of the Active Afghan Youth Mr. Shinwari

Biography of Mr. Abdul Ali Shinwari One of talented Afghan youth.
The one who have a life full of Spirit, past experiences well qualification and high personality. Mr. Abdul Ali Shinwari starts his education career from Pakistan, with having his FSC 12th Grade from Al-taqwa High School Peshawar in. For further education he starts his bachelor Degree of BBA Hons from Preston University Peshawar with having a 3.2 GPA, Mr. Abdul Ali Shinwari is Master degree holder in Financial Management from Iqra University of Pakistan . Work Experience: Mr. Abdul Ali Shinwari worked on different positions with high level posts as Senior Finance Manager, Senior Procurement Manager,Finance Coordinator,Project Implemention Head and Administrative Manager & Currently he working as Finance Advisor for the Minister of Urban Development and Housing Ministry & Founder & CEO of Afghan Youth International Council (AYIC) Youth organization and much more in related fields to his qualifications. Mr. Abdul Ali Shinwari has been awarded based on his best work and performance from government sectors and Ministers in different occasions. Defining Mr. Abdul Ali Shinwari's life is not a story like to describe in a page, there is much more about him

12 months ago

Together for Sustainable Development Goals Conference

This conference held by Generation Positive. 24 Dec, Kabul.

12 months ago

Afghan Youth For Peace

ZFD held 2 days event on Afghan Youth for Peace. In this event besides other shows, youth introduced Citizen Journalism through PNewsP. Date 30 Nov - 01 Dec, Kabul

2 years ago

Alphabet Celebration by Afghan Children

This Celebration held every year by the first class students of Alfatah High School in Kabul, where children are gathering and present different meaningful plays. 31.10.16
سلام سلام بچه ها خوش امدين به اينجا به اين مكان زيبا به اين جشن الفبا اب ابى دريا ابى ما ميخوانيم چه عالى داستان هاى قرانى ان قران نورانى همه با هم اماده كه در سال اينده ميرويم به صنف دوم با خوشحالى وخنده دست به دعا بالا كنيم ما شكر خدا كنيم امروز چه روزست جشن الفبا شاگردان صنوف اول پر شوروغوغا ميخواهم بگويم كه ما با سواديم خداوند ميداند كه خيلى خوشحاليم تشكر مادر جان تشكرپدر جان استاد ما مهربان

2 years ago

Ambassador of Peace in Afghanistan

Mr. Saifullah Soltani won the title of Ambassador of Peace this year in Afghanistan. اقاى صفى الله سلطانى برنده لقب سفير صلح این سال در افغانستان شد
اقاى صفى الله سلطانى بنيانكذار نهاد صلح و جوانان برنده لقب سفير صلح در أفغانستان به بار دون شد. وى جنين ميكويد: موفقيت ها را ميتوانم بر مبناي استواري قدم هايم رقم زنم و پيروزي در بزرگترين مبارزات زندگي فردي و حتي زندگي جامعه ام افغانستان را به فال پيروزي مردمم و ملت ام بدانم. و خرسندم كه پيروزي بزرگ ديگري در تاريخ چَندك ساله زندگي ام رقم خورد براي دومين بار گرفتن لقب #سفير_صلح بار اولي مسووليت هاي زيادي برايم سپرده شده بود كه خوشبختانه با درايت و قاطعيت تمام به پايه انجام رسانيدم و #معينيت_امور_جوانان و #انستتيوت_صلح_آمريكا (#USIP) براي بار دوم مسووليت بزرگي را در قبال صلح آوري، صلح پروري و ختم جنگ در افغانستان به دوش ام نهادند و لقب #Peace_Ambassador را برايم اعطأ كردند، اميدوارم از پس اين مسووليت ها برآيم و اعتماد مردم و ملت ام را از دست ندهم. مديون و منتظر دعاهاي شما و آرزوي پيروزي برايم هستم. "صفي الله سلطاني"

2 years ago

40 Days Ceremony of Martyr Farkhunda

Photos by Masood Eslami - Shahdoshamshera mosque, Kabul

3 years ago

Farkhunda killed!

Farkhunda a young Afghan girl killed and burned by some people who accused her in burn of Holly Quran, near shah doshamashera mosque, Kabul

3 years ago

Celebrating the 8th March 2015 and AWN’s 20th anniversary

Afghan Women's Network celebrated the 8th March, Women Day and its 20th anniversary as a national creditable network. Kabul, 8 March

3 years ago

Civil movement on increasing of violence against women.

The civil society conducted a civil rights movement to stop violence against Afghan women and children, Kabul 23, 2, 2015.

3 years ago

One Billion Rising (OBR) Celebrated in Kabul

AWN celebrated One Billion Rising on Violence against Women in Kabul and other provinces of Afghanistan to say no more street harassment.14 FEB 2015, MOWA, Kabul.

3 years ago

Men's Engagement in Women's Empowerment

AWN and USAID conducted a conference entitled Men's Engagement in Women's Empowerment and Rights Achievement. 28 January 2015, Kabul.

3 years ago

Identifying Ways to Reduce Violence against Women

Presenting the report on the occasion of the International Days of elimination of Violence against Women. 10.12.2014
شبکه زنان افغان برنامه ای را تحت عنوان شناسایی راه های مبارزه جهت کاهش خشونت علیه زنان و پیشکش گزارشی از یافته های پژوهش این شبکه در رابطه به کمپاین ۱۶ روزه جهانی منع خشونت علیه زنان در کابل برگزار کرد. در این برنامه که یافته های پژوهش شبکه زنان افغان در پیوند به خشونت علیه زنان پیشکش شد، نماینده گان وزارت امور زنان، و سایر فعالان جامعه مدنی اشتراک ورزیده بودند.

3 years ago
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Tafsir Siahpoosh

Introducing of Tafsir Siahpoosh; the first Afghan athlete lady in the field of Judo معرفی نامه تفسیر سیاه پوش نخستین بانوی ورزشکار افغان در رشته ای جودو
سیاه پوش دوشیزه ای جوان و فعال افغان در سال ۱۹۸۸ میلادی در شهر زیبای کابل در یک خانواده ای متدین و روشنفکر متولد شده است. او که از دوران کودکی‌اش همواره تکا‍پوی علم و هنر کرده است و شامل لیسه عالی ملالی گردیده و تحصیلات ابتدایی خویش را در آنجا به پایان رساند. در سال ۲۰۰۸ میلادی غرض ادامه ای تحصیلات‌عالی، راهسپارکشور هندوستان گردیده و در آنجا شامل پوهنتون پونه «سمبایسس» شد.  

4 years ago

OSLO Conference on Afghan Women

AWN as one of the conductor, conducted Oslo conference on Women's Rights and Empowerment in Afghanistan ,Oslo, Norway. 23 NOV

4 years ago

Afghan Women Envision Better Afghanistan Post 2014

AWN broadcasted Position Paper on the occasion of London Conference on Afghanistan.
Recommendations: 1) good governance; 2) peace and security; 3) access to justice; 4) political participation; 5) economic development; 6) healthcare; 7) education; and 8) donor support for GIRoA.

4 years ago

Afghan women are inaccessable to leadership

National level meeting conducted on inaccessibility of Women to leadership. By Hatimi, 29 OCT, Kabul

4 years ago

Hotline services; solution way for Afghan women

AWN launched 3434 services to advocate and consulted for Afghan women
Afghan Women's Network launched the 3434 hotline services for , legal advice, family support and coordination among governmental and nongovernmental sectors.

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Afghan Women’s Six Point Petition

Afghan Women’s Six Point Petition to the Front Runners of the 2014 Presidential Election, 30 Sept, 2014, Kabul.
AWN after a serious of consultation with women organisations and individual presented a six point petition to Afghan Election Finalist which was endursed by both candidates. Now that Afghanistan is entering a new phase of National unity government, we call on the newly elected President to abide by the commitment made and find practical measure in next 100 day of government and coming five years of government to mainstream women’s concerns in coming planning and implementation.Commitment should include concrete steps for advancing implementation of the National Action Plan for Women of Afghanistan (NAPWA), Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) Law, and other national and international commitments that have been adopted over the last decade and reinforced by commitments made in the Tokyo Mutual Accountability Framework(July 2012). The petition outlines a plan fora just Afghanistan wherein women and men enjoy equal rights and protection under the law.We recommend the following six points based on consultations with women’s groups across the country reflected in Afghan Women Vision 2024 . -Education -Health -Political Leadership -Justice and Judicial -Peace and Security -Economy

4 years ago

Afghan women's wants from London Conference

Consultation meeting to finalize Afghan Women's Position Paper to the London Conference. 25 SEPT 2014, Kabul.

4 years ago

Paghman gang rape case

AWN in a rally in front of the Supreme Court with the demand for justice of the 4 women gang raped in Qargha-Paghman,7SEPT
Afghan Women's Network has also led the same rally in 8 zones (Jalalabad,Herat, Mazar, Paktia, Qandhar,Bamyan,Kunduz) of Afghanistan to condemn the crime which occured against women in Qargha-Paghman road way. The Paghman rape case started from the time that a group of men wearing police uniforms and armed with assault rifles stopped a convoy of cars that was driving back to the city from a wedding in the district of Paghman on the night of the rape. The armed men dragged four women to the side of the road, where they robbed them and beat them up, the screams of the victims in earshot of male relatives they were traveling with. Four of the women were raped, including one who was pregnant. The Afghan president Hamid Karzai also issued a decree for arresting and investigation over the case and death penalty to them as it was faced to serious reaction of the citizens and civil society. there were 10 rapists, seven of them are under custody, and three others have absconded that the primary court in Kabul has sentenced to death seven convicted robbers and rapists, a rape case that has sparked national outrage.

4 years ago

Afghan Women Recommendations to NATO Summit 2014

National Conference is to Endorse Afghan Women's Recommendations for the NATO Summit. Aug 17, Kabul.

4 years ago

Domestic dairy and vegetable farms, a way for livelihoods

Afghan families living in rural areas make their livelihoods through domestic forms. By Hatimi, Northeast Provinces.
Afghanistan is an agricultural country and at the same time most people had during their livelihoods through agriculture. Rurals has made domestic forms of dairy and vegetable to have income. It is not only meet their needs, but to convince them to self-sufficiency and is a way to anihilate poverty bases in Afghanistan.

4 years ago

A trip to Pakistan (1) - Peshawar, Murree, Islamabad

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a federal parliamentary republic consisting of four provinces and four federal territories. By Hatimi, 29 July 2014.
Pakistan displays some of Asia's most magnificent landscapes as it stretches from the Arabian Sea, its southern border, to some of the world's most spectacular mountain ranges in the north. Pakistan is also home to sites that date back to word's earliest settlements rivaling those of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Located in South Asia, Pakistan shares an eastern border with India and a north-eastern border with China. Iran makes up the country's south-west border, and Afghanistan runes along its western and northern edge. The Arabian Sea is Pakistan's southern boundary with 1,064 km of coastline. The country has a total area of 796,095 sq km and is nearly four times the size of the United Kingdom. From Gwadar Bay in it's south-eastern corner, the country extends more than 1,800 km to the Khunjerab Pass on China's border. The famous cities of Pakistan are Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Lahore and Peshawar. 

4 years ago

A trip to Pakistan (2) - Faisal Mosque

Shah Faisal Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in the world,funded by the Saudi Government and located in Islamabad. By Hatimi, 30 July 2014.
Completed in 1986, the Faisal Mosque (also known as Shah Faisal Masjid) is an exceptionally large and unique mosque in Islamabad. Designed by a Turkish architect who won an international competition for the honor, Faisal Mosque is shaped like a desert Bedouin's tent and functions as the national mosque of Pakistan.

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