Zabihullah Maiwand Nazhat, Age 23 Kabul Afghanistan, Zabih has 3 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of Law and political science from Kabul University.While started working with Afghan parliament.

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Theatre & Dance Director and Produce By Omid Edwar.

From Students of the Fine Arts Faculty of Kabul University.
Photography By:  Zabihullah Maiwand Nazhat.

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Afghan authentic ancient instruments.

( وسایل کهن اصیل افغانی ) کوزه، kuza، تنور، Tanoor Afghani women Oven، ریسمان،Thread.
  شګورShgvr for carrying breads، تکری نان Bread basket،  دوله چاه Dole wells، الکین Elkin      هاونMortar، قفس cage،  جک دوغ Jack Dough، سبد Basket،دست أس flour maker،   بوریاMatting جک أبJack water، هیلکHylk، جاروبBroom Report and Photography By Zabihullah Maiwand Nazhat.

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Tasla and Angar Small Afghani Actor and Actress.

Acquaintance with Tasla and Angar Small Afghani Actor and Actress. .آشنايي با تسلی و انگار دو هنر پیشه کوچک افغانی
Photography By. Zabihullah Maiwand Nazhat

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Theatre Hear: Writer Mohammad Yonis

Theatre Hear From Actors of the Faculty of Fine Arts Kabul University.
تیاتر بشنو از طرف ممثلین پوهنحّی هنر های زیبا پوهنتون کابل / From Red and white group / از طرف گروه سرخ سفید / writer Mohammad Yonis / نویسنده محمد یونس / Report & Photography by Zabihullah Maiwand Nazhat

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Singer-song writer Mohammad Muneem Nazir From Kashmir.

The voice of ‘Jhelumas’ and ‘Ikebana’, on his musical journey Seventeen years ago, a starry-eyed boy from Srinagar moved to Pune for higher studies.
Mohammad Muneem Nazir did get a college degree alright, but not only. He earned a name as a poet, songwriter and vocalist. Among college goers in particular, he became a sensation. Inevitably, albums and stage performances followed. Recently, Muneem, as part of the band Alif, launched his new album. Titled Sufayed,it includes a collection of haunting Kashmiri tracks. In a telephonic conversation with Kashmir Ink, Muneem says with his poetry and music, he hopes to connect Kashmir to the rest of the world.  Report & Photography By Zabihullah Maiwand Nazhat.

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Elias Hatimi Wonderful job Mr. Nazhat
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zabihullah Maiwand Nazhat Thank You Mr. Hatimi
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Lack of amusement parks for Afghan children.

Afghan children rise in the lack of Amusement Parks and without toys for plaything, Kabul Afghanistan photography By: Zabihullah Maiwand Nazaht.

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Courage of old Afghan man

The old Afghan man working with dry bread and cash is exchanged with Popcorn support his family receives this old Afghan man in Kabul.
کار این پیر مرد افغان تبادله پله با نان قاق و پول نقد است که ازین طریق نفقه خانواده خود  را این پیر مرد افغان در شهر کابل بدست میاورد. Report And photography By: Zabihullah Maiwand Nazhat

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Jamila Health Foundation gets footing at UM.

A University of Montana biology student from Afghanistan has founded a nonprofit foundation to fund heart surgeries in his country of origin...
where thousands of children are affected by congenital heart defects but few have the money for treatment. The Jamila Health Foundation was founded and registered in January 2016 with the goal of raising money to send to children in Afghanistan who have a ventricular septal defect. The surgery to fix this defect, a hole in the heart, is invasive and expensive — something that most Afghan families cannot afford. Enayat Nazhat, CEO and founder of Jamila, said the idea for the foundation came when he was visiting his family in Afghanistan.

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Child workers Complain of Pain

Yes! they complain of pain, but what do they can do? The kids are here to make a living. They bear all the pain to do all the work.
At least a quarter of Afghan children between ages 5 and 14 work for a living or to help their families, Many are employed in jobs that can result in illness, injury, or even death due to hazardous working conditions and poor enforcement of safety and health standards.        

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zabihullah Maiwand Nazhat First Picture Photography by Zabihullah Maiwand Nazhat, Location Jalalbat Afghanistan:1391
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Samad Ali Moradi Nice photos! Keep going.
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zabihullah Maiwand Nazhat Thank you sir
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President Trump And Afghanistan Political Condition, ZMN

While Trump has come to power, Afghanistan in dilemma is located.
از یک طرف فعالیت بیشتر روسیه برای از بین بردن نا امنی ها در شمال کشور توسط گروهای مخفی و هدف آن نرسیدن گروهای هراس افگن در مرز های  روسیه و این هم ریس جمهور ترامپ شخص که نظر به گفته ها قبل اش توجه بیشتر را به مرز ها داخل خاک امریکا  میسازد و نباید پول انگفت مردم امریکا در موارد همچون از بین بردن فساد آوردن امنیت در افغانستان و هم مثال این مصرف شود. ترامپ نباید کشور چون افغانستان را که در آوردن صلح برای جهانیان نقش اساسی دارد نادیده بگیرد. صلح در افغانستان یعنی صلح در امریکا و جهان "نویسنده ذبیح الله میوند "نزهت  

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Afghan Youth For Bring Peace In Afghanistan

In this event besides other shows for bring peace by youth in Afghanistan introduced Citizen Journalism through PNewsP By Zabihullah Maiwand Nazhat and Mr Elias hatimi

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Police Town in need of formal document

 "Police Town", has been a town without legal documents in 24 years.
شهرک پولیس شهر کابل یگانه شهرک بدون اسناد قانونی طی بیست چهار سال گذشته است، اکثریت افراد و اشخاص که در این شهرک بودباش دارند فامیل های شهدا پولیس، خانم های بیوه، معلولین و معیوبین کشور اند، بی مسولیت بودن دولت در عدم دادن قباله شرعی برای مستعقین سوال است گنگ، اما سوال اینجاست که چگونه پولیس بتواند امنیت را تعمین کنند که خود سر پناه برای زندگی ندارد.

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