10 months ago

Introducing Mr. Toryalai Amiri Young Leader from Nangarhar

Mr. Amiri is well known for his leadership, administration and communication skills for university students in Nangarhar province and other youths.

Toryalai Amiri, 30; Nangarhar, Afghanistan; Mr. Amiri has more than 10 years of experience with nonprofit sectors in the fields of leadership, finance, management & administration, and he has earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Aryana University.  In addition, He has also received Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) from Lemar Degree College of Management Science.  While started working as Vice Chancellor of Finance and Admin with Aryana University Nangarhar, he helped the university to implement its activities based on educational principles and norms. Besides, Mr. Amiri is a young leader and active youth seeks paths to bring youth for unity and tries more to encourage them for education. He also tries to share community needs and recommendations for the government through his social networks. He is interested in social media, communications and developing network of professionals. In addition, he has experiences of leadership, civic engagements, human rights public relations, and youth development issues.