Welcome to PNewsP

How "PnewsP.com" works?

  • 1-Register a blog in pnewsp.com to receive free journalism lessons.

  • 2- Capture your news with a mobile phone or camera.

  • 3- Upload your story to your blog.

  • 4- Editor publishes your story on PNewsP-main pages.

  • 5- We present your story, also news corporations can buy your photos.

What is the concept?

We believe that the community needs the reliable Information right away, because it affects people's daily lives. In our opinion the solution is citizen journalism. In other words, news by people for people without interference by large news corporations is our concept. PNewsP was founded on the cross-roads of activism and journalism. PNewsP gives local activists a chance to report from their own perspective.

Also PNewsP is a nonprofit organizations. When we sponsor a child in Afghanistan, we give them a chance to go to school. You could donate some money, so we can keep going by helping more children and youths in Afghanistan.

What does mean "citizen journalism"?

Citizen journalism is a specific form of citizen media as well as user generated content. It is the concept of members of the public playing an active role in the process of reporting and analyzing news. New media technology, such as social networking, and the increasing prevalence of mobile phones have made citizen journalism more accessible to people all over the world, who can often report breaking news much faster than traditional journalistic organs. Everyone has always had their own perspective on events happening near them - now you have a chance to share what you're seeing, and how you see it, with the world.

Who are PNewsP?

Prime News Page (PNewsP.com) is a street wire, with the news supplied by street journalists. It is a citizen journalism news organization. Anyone can register and join our community. Any registered member enjoy form free journalism school and publishing news to her/his blog. Huge news corporation can establish direct contact with you to buy your photos/videos. Also our editorial team can accept your news stories and publish them to main page under your name and pay money per published news.

What is our purpose?

PNewsP is a nonprofit organizations. When we sponsor a child in Afghanistan, the central purpose of PNewsP is to give them a chance to go to school. Another purpose of PNewsP is to provide citizens with accurate and reliable information by citizen journalists. We are a community of citizen journalists in every corner of the globe, helping you cover stories that otherwise aren't being told. We publish your stories on PNewsP.com, where they are seen by viewers around the world. The website is free to all users & also you can register to become a citizen journalist. Actually without paying any money, just by sharing your story you will give children a chance to go to school!

How does the process works?

  1. After registration you have a news blog and you receive some journalism lessons regularly to know about principle of journalism.

  2. The first step in the process is to upload your photos to your blog and/or write a short news story.

  3. Our editorial team will take a look, and your story will quickly be placed also on main page. At the same time editor team grade your story.

  4. We know how much hard work you have to put in and the dangers you run to get your stories to us. That's why we'll never give your images away to third party, why we'll never ask for the copyright for your images. That means your images belongs to you and we have right to place your images just onto PNewsP related pages. So By "PnewsP.com" we present your work to news corporations for free and giant news corporations can establish direct contact with you to buy your photos/videos.

What should I do now?

If you want to try out PNewsP for yourself, take a minute to fill out our online registration form. Once you're done, you could contribute immediately. We hope you enjoy the PNewsP experience - and remember, if you encounter a problem or have a suggestion, we're always ready to listen.

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