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Innovation in Education for Afghanistan Institute

The purpose of the institute is to promote and develop the education in Afghanistan with innovation and work to meet the educational needs. The purpose of the institute is to support innovation in education.


To fulfill the purpose, the institute:

-Set up schools in Afghanistan, where innovation is practised in education by which the teaching orientation could be created for schools and teachers.
-The poor children specially are taken into account and they will be offered free education as much as it is possible.
-Acquires the information about education and pedagogy, suitable software and the necessary tools for the use of institute.
-Cooperates with other similar institute, with the education sector of Finland and the education sector of Afghanistan.
-Arranges trainings and takes care of training opportunities for teachers and for the employees of a teaching system.
-Carry out information and publishing activities to promote innovation in education.
-Arranges meetings, courses, teach-in and trips to promote innovation in education.
-Makes initiatives for the arts, arranges cultural events and art events, plans and arranges art trainings.

For supporting the activities of the institute:
-Accepts donations, grants, testaments, accepts funds for carrying out the projects.
-Arranges lotteries with the relevant license, whip-rounds, entertainment events and art events.



A person who accepts the purpose of the institute may be accepted as a full member of the institute. A private individual or a legal entity that wishes to support the purpose and function of the institute may be accepted as a profitable member. The members of the institute and the eligible members will approve the board of the association upon application. As a Honorary Chairman or Honorary Member, a meeting of the Board of Directors may invite a person who has greatly contributed to and supported the activities of the institute.

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