• CAD Consultunts

    Dr. Shafiullah Shagiwal

    I am working at Ningarhar regional hospital as a medical specialist. Indicial ward and doing echo, ETT, ETT analysis and reporting. Graduated from Ningarhar medical college in 2003. Work as honorary TMO in Lady reding hospital, Peshawar from 2005 till 2006 October. Got Echo training in Hayatabad medical complex in 2012.

  • Dr. Mohammad Rahim Niazy, Cardiology trainee doctor

    I started my Medical Studies in 2008 and graduated as MD in 3/20/2014. I successfully passed the GME exam of Afghanistan MOPH and right now I am working as Internal Diseases Trainee doctor at Wazeer Akbar Khan Hospital. Now I focussed on cardiology field and hope to be a successful cardiologist in the next years. So I am very interested to work more on CAD. If you have any question about CAD , please let me know.

  • Dr Atiqullah Jabarkhill, general internal medicine trainee doctor

    Trainee of the last year of general internal medicine in jamhoriat hospital. Completed echocardiography one year course in jamhoriat diagnostic clinic. Interested to work in cardiology to learn more and to do more for humanity. Now, I am specially working on getting more experience in CAD field of Cardiology. I can't answer the phone on Friday and Thursday.

  • Dr. Rohullah Faiz

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