1- Therapeutic Hypothermia after In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Children (Frank W. Moler, M.D...., J. Michael Dean, M.D., THAPCA Trial, N Engl J Med January 26, 2017)

Targeted temperature management is recommended for comatose adults and children after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest; however, data on temperature management after in-hospital cardiac arrest are limited.

METHODS; In a trial conducted at 37 children’s hospitals, we compared two temperature interventions in children who had had in-hospital cardiac arrest. Within 6 hours after the return of circulation, comatose children older than 48 hours and younger than 18 years of age were randomly assigned to therapeutic hypothermia (target temperature, 33.0°C) or therapeutic normothermia (target temperature, 36.8°C).

The trial was terminated because of futility after 329 patients had undergone randomization.

CONCLUSIONS; Among comatose children who survived in-hospital cardiac arrest, therapeutic hypothermia, as compared with therapeutic normothermia, did not confer a significant benefit in survival with a favorable functional outcome at 1 year.