• Valvular H. D. Consultunts

    Dr. Zabi Ullah Haidari

    This is Dr.Zabi ullah haidary studied cheragh medical university (2008-2014). I have completed my echo course in 2013 during my internship program. I am a new internist trainee in jamhoriat hospital.

  • Dr. Naser Mohaghegh, Kabul university

    This is a ...

  • Dr. Mohibullah AHMADZAI, Resident of cardiology department of FMIC Hospital

    I am Dr. Mohibullah AHMADZAI, I am 28 years old, graduated at 2013 from Sheikh Zayed University. I have done my internship in Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan Hospital. At 2014 I have passed my residency exam and went to cardiology department in FMIC, since 2014 I am working in cardiology department of FMIC as resident, now it is my third year of residency, I have faced with a lot of adult and pediatric cardiology patients during this three years in both Invasive and Non- invasive fields.