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Samad Ali Moradi


Afghanistan, Finland




Interventional cardiologist with experience in angiography, PCI and pacemaker. I started my medical studies in 1994 and graduated as MD 7.8.2002. After that I have worked in Finland for 4 years as general practitioner. I have also worked as radiology resident for 1.5 years. After getting enough experience in Radiology, I discontinued it and started cardiology residency. The program takes time 6 years. In this period I gained experience in TTE, TEE, Angiography, PCI, Pacemaker, etc. Finally, I graduated as Cardiologist in 13.07.2015 from University of Tampere, Finland. Now, I am working in Heart Department of Pori Central Hospital as a cardiologist. I am specially working on getting more experience in complicated PCI.




Cardiology program

Current; Cardiologist of Heart Hospital, Tampere, Finland

01.04.2015 – 30.4.2018: Interventional cardiologist of Heart Department of Pori Central Hospital, Pori, Finland

In October 2014 cardiovascular final exam (board exam) was passed.


01.01.2013 – 31.05.2015: Tays Heart Hospital, Tampere, Finland


01.04.2011 – 31.12.2012: Hämeenlinna Central Hospital, Hämeenlinna, Finland


01.09.2010 - 31.03.2011: Hatanpää Hospital, Tampere, Finland


Radiology residency

22.3.2010 – 31.8.2010: Hämeenlinna Central Hospital, Hämeenlinna, Finland

2.2.2009 - 15.2.2010: Hatanpää Hospital, Tampere, Finland


GP in Hospital

1.10.-31.12.2008: Hatanpää Hospital, Tampere, Finland

1.8.-30.9.2008 ,2.-30.1.2009: Emergency Department of Vammala Hospital, Vammala, Finland


GP in Health centre

1.2.2008-13.6.2008: Tuusula Health Center, Tuusula, Finland.

5.2-22.11.2007: Kouvola Health Center, Kouvola, Finland

17.7-29.9.2006, 1.11.2006-31.1.2007, 1.12.2007-31.1.2008: Karkkila Health Center, Karkkila, Finland

1.12.2005-30.6.2006: Tohmajärvi Health Center, Tohmajärvi, Finland

1.6.2005-30-11.2005: Joensuu Health Center, Joensuu, Finland

1.12.2004-31.5.2005: as a GP in Joensuu Central Hospital, Joensuu, Finland.






Specialization program (six years): Cardiology

Graduated: Tampere 13.07.2015


Diploma of Doctorate Degree in Medicine: August 1994-15.7.2002, Mashad Medical University









Finnish: Fluent written and spoken skills

English: Fluent reading, good written and spoken skills

Dari: Mother tongue


I have worked in Medicin Sans Frontiers as a volunteer during my MD studies. Moreover, I have visited Kabul for educational work a few times per year since 2012.