how is the sea?

This is the Diba´s article that describes the sea.

<p dir="rtl">دیبا یک شاگر موفق هست که دارای طبع شعری هست و زیر هم مقاله وی هست که دری....

Winter is coming

The first knitting class was starting with knitting gloves because winter is coming and one of the most important thing is gloves. So how good it is, make it themselves.

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tree for future

the teacher's detection, enabled the students for use the leaves to create a tree for the future.

<p dir="rtl">استاد از شاگردان بروی برگ درخت املا گرفت و بعد برگ های درخت را باهمدیگر....

We'll work together

Handicraft making and teamwork by using simple materials in IEAF school in Kabul.

این کاردستی یک نوع بافت پتوی نوزاد است که با وسایل ساده ای مثل نخ کاموا ، چوک....