Nangarhar in Photos

Nangarhar province is located in east of Afghanistan. Its name comes with Hameshabahar (always spring), because it is always green. 24.Nov.2017, By Hatimi

You can find Nangarhar city, Sorobe, Daronta, culture, people, shrine, parks, the university, foods, and more in these photos.

Balkh in Photos

Balkh is located in the north of Afghanistan, which is famous for religious and historical places and culture. 6 November 2017, Balkh

In these photos you can find Rawza Sharif, Balkh district, Amo River, Hairatan, and the city of Mazar e Sharif.

Exhibit of support for domestic production

انجمن زنان متشبث به منظور همیاری به خانم های صنایع دست دوزی همواره فعالیت مینماید

انجمن زنان کار آفرین افغانستان به همکاری وزارت تجارت وصنایع نمایشگاه را در پوهنت....

Bamyan in photos

Bamyan, one of the central provinces of Afghanistan named as Islamic Cultural Capital in 2013, which gives amazing natural places for for tourists and visitors. 27.10.2017

In these photos you can find people, culture, Bamyan center, the Dragon Village, Band Amir, and Budda