Killed and injured 40 people in Baghlan

As a result of the deviation of a passenger car from the road, 41 people were killed and injured in Doshi district.

در نتیجه انحراف یک موتر مسافربری از جاده در ولسوالی دوشی 41 تن کشته و زخمی شد....

Lunar Eclipse in Polkhomri

Afghanistan Polkhomri

مهتاب گرفته گی از ساعت 10 الی 11 شب به وقت افغانستان ادامه داشت

Dambora Festival in Bamyan

Bamyan, one of Afghanistan central provinces has hosted Dambora Festival 2017 with a large number of participants. Photos taken by: Mr. Jalil Salehi

Preventing a painful incident in Baghlan province in Afghanistan

The car carrying students was overthrown in the river, but immediately all the students were saved.

موتر حامل دانش آموزان یکی از مکاتب خصوصی شهر پلخمری ولایت بغلان در مقابل چش....