Happy Eid!

Kabul citizens preparing for Eid celebrations. We wish a happy and peaceful Eid days. 25 June 2017, Kabul.

Demonstration in Kabul

Demonstrators started raising their voice with the slogan of 'Tired of killing toward Arg' in Kabul Capital of Afghanistan. 02.06.17

This demonstration started after martyre of a large number of Kabul citizens in bomb blast occurred two days ago in Wazirakbar Khan area. ....

Theatre & Dance Director and Produce By Omid Edwar.

From Students of the Fine Arts Faculty of Kabul University.

Photography By:  Zabihullah Maiwand Nazhat.

Afghan authentic ancient instruments.

( وسایل کهن اصیل افغانی ) کوزه، kuza، تنور، Tanoor Afghani women Oven، ریسمان،Thread.
  شګورShgvr for carrying breads، تکری نان Bread basket،  دوله چاه Dole wells، الکین Elkin      هاونMortar، ق....